i am so glad that you are here! 

I’m Emilie! I'm a graphic and web designer that help's female creative entrepreneurs to help make an impact in their industry. 

I am based outside of Montreal, Canada and have a passion for design and connection with other female entrepreneur bring their passion to life!

Meet your designer

things that you should know about me!

Fun Facts


Learned how to horseback ride at the age of 8 on my aunts farm


I always loved dogs and horses, to a point that by the time I was in grade nine, I wanted to work either as a vet or in a career that allowed me to work with animals.

But that changed when designing came into my life!


In the early 2000’s I found my love for design by designing MySpace layout for fun!


I recently started to learn more about gluten-free baking (which it’s quite deferent than regular baking)

how can i help you?

I help female entrepreneurs who are tired and overwhelmed with their DIY website or have no clue where to start when it comes to having a cohesive brand and website that tells their and their business story and to attract their dream clients.

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