Back to School book illustration

With back to school just started; I thought that we can create how to create an illustration of school books that you can create any designs with for school project.

What we’ll create:

Step 1

We will have to create a new document by going to File>New and inputting the fallowing dimensions => w: 12’ x h: 12’ with a 0.125 bleed. Colour mode: RBG (for web… if you need it printed, you have to put the colour mode to CMYK); image resolution at 300 ppi(just so that if I choose to print it out that it will stay crisp….. if I put it at 72 ppi I would not be able to print it out later if I chose to)

Step 2

Next we are going to create a Rounded Rectangle tool and create the spine of the book by creating a Rectangle shape so it can look like a book spine of the books.

Step 3

we are going to be create a rectangle shape to create the cover of the book and place it on top of the spine shape that we created.

Step 4

with the shape that we just create; we will be rubber band select the top corners and bring the book cover down to make it look like the book is closed.

Step 5

Now we need to create the back cover of the book and to make is simple we are going to copy the front cover and bring in to the back of other layer of the book.

Step 6

we now need to create the pages of the book and do to so we first need to create the base cooler of the colour of the page and the over-all shape of the pages we will be using the rectangle tool place it in place to fit in the book. Now colour the rectangle in an off-white colour if you haven’t done it for the start

Step 7

We also need the detail of the pages and we will achieve that by using a triangle shape in the place it in place so it can look a bit realistic. (note: you might have to play with the triangles for your how you like to place it; also a little tip try not to place the triangles pointed in the same directions and have it 2-3 tones darker than the base colour of the pages to give that depth)

Step 8

Now we want to duplicate the Art work of the book so that it can have more than one book stacked on top of each other and if you like change the colour of each book for different subject. Also to make it easier have each book on its own layer so if you need to edit it it will be mush easier to do so.

Step 9

The last thing is to put the finishing touches on the books by adding their subject names on the spine on the books

Hooray you’re done!

Thanks for stoping by and I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial on this simple illustration! If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message of comment bellow