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Over the years I have seen a few mistakes done on their website and I would like to share with you what those mistakes are so that you don’t make them on your own site. If you did make these mistakes I will give you; how you can fix these mistakes…

Website Design

Top 5 mistakes used in website design

As an entrepreneur in this online space, I am a big believer is to educate yourself so you can grow as a person as well as an entrepreneur.

One of the ways that I educate myself when it comes entrepreneurship is to listen to a podcast. Podcast has been one of my favourite ways to learn when it comes to navigating this online world because I can listen to a podcast when I am doing things around the house that does not require much concentrating on, for example, I love listening to a podcast when I am either doing the dishes at night or folding laundry.  

Top 3 Podcast For The Female Entrepreneur

Business Tip

Have you ever did the quizzes out of a Seventeen magazine or a Buzzfeed quizzes like “Which Gilmore Girl are you?” or “which one tree hill guy you should date?”.  These are the quizzes that we all seem to not help ourselves in need to know the answers to.

Business Tip

Creating quizzes to grow your email list

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