Cute Owl Illustration

In todays post I will be showing you how to create a cute owl illustration so you can use it for a card design, a wall art or simply want to send it by email to put a smile of someones face.

What we’ll create:

Step 1

We will have to create a new document by going to File>New and inputting the fallowing dimensions => w: 12’ x h: 12’ with a 0.125 bleed. Colour mode: RBG (for web… if you need it printed, you have to put the colour mode to CMYK); image resolution at 300 ppi(just so that if I choose to print it out that it will stay crisp….. if I put it at 72 ppi I would not be able to print it out later if I chose to)

Step 2

Next we are going to create a ellipse tool and create the body of the owl by creating a rounded oval shape so it can look like a the body of the owl with out its ears.

Step 3

Next we will create the the ears of the ears of the owl. To do so we are going to select the star tool shape and select 3 points to create a triangle shape for the ears.

Step 4

with the ears that we created; we need to use that pathfinder tool and unite the ears and the body to create one shape.

Step 5

Now we will create the eyes of the owl by creating two circle next to create the skin of the the eyes (eye lids of the owl) and change it to a darker blue to seprate it to the fallowing steps that we will create.

Step 6

next we will copy the two circle and change it to white of the eyes on top of the dark blue lids and select the both white circle and descale them to make the a bit smaller.

Step 7

next we will create the ires of of the eyes of the owl and create two circles and have them black to show that its the iris of the eyes.

Step 8

the only thing that we need for the owls eyes it the pueple of the eyes and make two small white circles and have them in the centre of the iris of the eyes.

Step 9

Next up its the beak of the owl and by doing that we will create another triangle for the beak and have the top point facing down works. After its in place we will right click on on the shape and send in behind that the eyes of of the owl.

Step 10

Next we will create the feet of the owl and by doing that we will create 3 small ovals side by side and group them together to have one foot; then we are going to copy that group to have for the second foot. Also we are going to do a gradient for the colour of the feet using a yellow and orange for it in a linear gradient

Step 11

Now that we have the feet done; the last thing to do is the wings and to do that we are going to take the ellipse tool and create skinny oval shapes and at the top of the oval shape we are going to take the point of the wing and by using the handles of the point have them point them down like an upside down “v”

Hooray you’re done!

Thanks for stoping by and I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial on this simple owl illustration! If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message of comment bellow