Halloween Kids Party Invite

As Halloween is just at the end of the month and with halloween; there comes halloween party. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a kids halloween party invite.

What we’ll create:

Step 1

We will have to create a new document by going to File>New and inputting the fallowing dimensions => w: 7’ x h: 5’. Colour mode: CMYK and image resolution at 300 ppi so it can print it out crisp and clear.

Step 2

the next step you want to create a orange rectangular shape for the background colour of the card.

Step 3

next for the background polkadot pattern; we will need to create the pattern using the blend tool and dots. First you want to create a circle shape and duplicate it in a straight line. From there you want to us the blend tool and double click on it to have to dialog box pop up. Now click on one circle and then the other one and you will see that it would create evenly space line and you can. For this design I used 13 steps and save it has a brush tool so it would be easier to do the next step.

Step 4

Next we will be using the bend tool again and create a straight line using the polkadots brush tool patter that we just save on one end of the card and copy that line and place it at the other side of the card. now us the same technique that we used in step 3. 

Step 5

in this step we is create a rectangle shape and add a anchor points in the middle of all four sides. Bring the anchor points outwards and from there play with those anchor point and create a shape that you desire. Copy that shape change the second shape colour to black which we will need for the next step



Step 6

In this step we will need to use the effect Gaussian Blur on the black shape. To get there you need to go to “Effect -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur” and a dialogue box will pop up and from there you want to had the “Radius” at 55px and 50% opacity.



Step 7

Next we are going to place the text that need to be on. The founts that I used are “Phoshate – Solid” for the Spooktacular and the rest of the text I used the “Quicksand – Light” fount. Also I brought in the cute spider that was created in the last tutorial in this design for the final touches.

Hooray you’re done!

Thanks for stoping by and I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial on this halloween kids part invite! If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message of comment bellow.