Halloween spider illustration

Halloween is approaching very soon; so in today tutorial blog post; I am going to teach you a simple halloween spider that you can use on a halloween card or invitation design.

What we’ll create:

Step 1

We will have to create a new document by going to File>New and inputting the fallowing dimensions => w: 6’ x h: 6’. Colour mode: RBG (for web… if you need it printed, you have to put the colour mode to CMYK); image resolution at 300 ppi(just so that if I choose to print it out that it will stay crisp….. if I put it at 72 ppi I would not be able to print it out later if you chose to)

Step 2

To start off with this illustration we will use the ellipsis tool to create the body of the spider.

Step 3

Next we will create legs of the spider by using the line segment tool and then use the pen tool to create a point in the centre of the line segment so we have the joint of the leg and duplicate that line to create the other legs.

Step 4

Next we will create the eyes of the spider by using the ellipse tool and create two circle shape to have the whites of the eyes. Then create two smaller circles for the pupils of the eyes.

Step 5

the last step in this quick illustration of the spider is; its smile and that is quite simple is to use the line segment and create a line from one end to the next then select the the type of line and choose the “width profile 1”. Then select the point the pen tool and insert the point in the centre of the line (just like we did for the legs) and round off the point centre for a curve of the smile.

Hooray you’re done!

Thanks for stoping by and I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial on this simple halloween spider illustration! If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message of comment bellow