Creating quizzes to grow your email list

Have you ever did the quizzes out of a Seventeen magazine or a Buzzfeed quizzes like “Which Gilmore Girl are you?” or “which one tree hill guy you should date?”.  These are the quizzes that we all seem to not help ourselves in need to know the answers to.

Well did you know that you can use the same need-to-know feelings for your business!

As online business owners, we all know that growing our email list to engage with our potential customers is a very important factor in any online business success. You may be giving a free PDF document, free mini e-book or simply have a sign-up form so that they can have access to your free resource library where you post your freebies for your readers to download to grow your email list.

All of those are good strategies to grow your email list; however, it is not the only way of growing your email list. You can use Interact to create a quiz that fits with your business and also helps them know the answers to what the quiz will help them with. Also, you can link the quiz with your email list provider to help you grow your email list and start engaging with your readers.

My Go-to Tips for creating your first Quiz

With Interact, you have the option to create your own quiz from scratch or use one of their templates that are wonderful with audience interaction and engagement. You can easily find a quiz that will fit nicely with your business/blog. Today I will be sharing my go-tips when I created my first ever quiz on Interact.

1. Determine what is your end goal

With anything you do in your business, you always have to know what your end goal is. Either is growing your email list or getting more sales for your unique product/services, whatever the goal is, you have to clearly know what it is. By knowing what it is, you can easily go forward with what you choose to do for your business.

2. Start with template

When I created my first quiz on Interact I did not know where to start; but with going thru the Interact quiz platform I realized that the templates that are available are simple, easy to go throw and you can find any type of quiz that will easily fit within your niche.



3. Customize your quiz with your branding

The beauty of Interact quiz builder is that you can customize your quizzes with your branding; from your brand colors, fonts and even add your own logo to your quiz. As a designer and business owner that is a huge plus because you have it all be cohesive with all of your content and your branding.



It’s Go-Time!

Now that you have your beautiful quiz, you now can share it with the world. With Interact you can easily share it on Social media, in your email newsletters to your readers or/and your website. If you share it on your website, I recommend that you place it where your readers can easily see it and my recommendations for that is place it in a couple of places like on your Homepage, the sidebar of your blog and you can even have it in your navigation bar (using the link to your quiz) if you choose to put it there. Just make sure that it’s easy to find/see without much effort for your readers to find it.

So Have you ever thought of using a quiz to grow your email list? If so, please share it what is your quiz name is and don’t forget to check out Interact as they are the easiest quiz builder to use. You will not regret using them for your next quiz.

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