How to add a Contact form in Squarepace

With any niche/industry that you are in, it is important to have a contact page so that if someone wants to work with you or simply say hi, they need a way to contact you.

Creating the contact page

So if you do not have a “contact page” you will have to create the page before creating the contact form and to to so you have to logo in to the back end of your site, there you will have to click “Pages” there you want to click “+” sign.

From there, there will be  a digologe that will pop up and the you want to click “page”. There you will be brought tothe section where you have to create your page.

Designers Note: you can create the page and contact form, from the same section that you are creating the page, all you have to do is to select the layout that you like the most.

Creating from scratch and customizing the form

If you have a blank page that you have for your contact page, you can add the form by hovering over the area of the page that you want to select and click “EDIT”.

There you want to select the teardrop shape and click on it, there you will have a menu dialog box pop up and you want to select the one that says “form”

When the “edit” form dialog box pops up, you can edit the form from there. You can add or remove fields/sections to the form that you would like to have. If you add a new field, there will be another dialog box that will pop out were there will be option for you to choice from.

After you are done with it you want to go to “storage” where you can choose where you want this form/message to be stored or send to.

After that you can select the “advanced” tab where you can customize what it will show after someone send you the form.

And there you have it your very own contact form, where you receive messages from your readers.