My Favorite Office Must-Haves For Working From Home

While working from home there are few tools that we all might need. So, today I am going to share with you 5 of my must-haves to have while working from home. 

1 – IMac and Printer

The two main things to run any business are a computer (laptop or desktop, either one works) and a printer of your choice, so you can print anything that needs to be printed.

2 – Snowball Microphone & Popfliter 

When it comes to audio for client calls or simply for podcast recording having a good microphone is an essential tool if you want the other person on the call to properly hear what you are saying and the blue snowball mic is farcically budget-friendly. As for the pop-filter well that will help with the extra-unwanted sounds that we normally do when speaking (like; popping and the fast-moving air when recording speech) and that too is budget-friendly and you can find one on amazon between 15-20$. 

3 – Headphones or earbuds

Surprisingly headphones or earbuds are very handy when you are on a call because when you are on a call the earphones will prevent the other person from hearing their own voice (like an eco) throw your speaker then back into the microphone.  

4 – Notebooks & Sketch Pads

Notebooks are normally handy for taking down notes from your call, the online courses that you are taking or simply noting down ideas for your business. As for sketch pad, you do any forms of design, sketching out thing/ideas always helps with the process of designing something (a products design or any form of design) 

5 – Planners / Digital Calendars

Now when it comes to writing down deadlines you need it to be in a planner or a calendar. now, you can use one that you have to write in it or you can use a digital planner to help you keep track of deadlines. That part is up to you (both will work just fine).

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