How to Setup Google Analytics on Squarespace

With any online business, it is important to track your website traffic as well as having the ability to analyzing the data so you can grow your business or blog. 

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How to set up Google Analytics

The very first thing you need to get started is to signup for Google Analytics with your Gmail account, there you will have to follow the instructions to set up the account. When you are signup and login, you want to go to “Admin” tab where you can find it at the bottom of the left-hand corner (it will have a gage beside the word “Admin”.

When you are on the “Admin” dashboard, you should see three columns, The second one (the one in the middle) You will see the word “Tracking Info” There will be a drop-down menu, on the one that says “Tracking Code” you will find your tracking number which will look like “UA-XXXXXXXX-X” You copy that number.

Next, you want to login into your Squarespace account, then on the click on “Settings” then “Advanced” after that you click on “External Services”. You will see where the Google Analytics account number goes. there you want to paste it there.

If that does not work;

You want to copy the code that was on the same page as the number was which its called the “Tracking Code” page. Right under the “Website Tacking” you will see a code. Copy that code

On your Squarespace you want to go to “Settings” then “Advanced” after that you click on “Code Injection”. On the header part, That where you want to paste the code, then you want to save it.

Now your are done.