How to tell if Showit is Right for Your Business

You might have seen more and more showit websites/templates on Pinterest or you simply hear of Showit but still not sure what it is. 

What is Showit

Showit is a website building platform that uses WordPress. The beauty of showit is that it is a visual platform that you can bring endless design ideas to life. Also due to the visual ability, you don’t need to look at a confusing admin backend or any confusing code. 

What kind of business is Showit for?

Even Though Showit is geared towards photographers, it is also great for other creative businesses such as bloggers, service-based businesses (designers, coaches, virtual assistants, copywriters and so much more).

What you might love about Showit

One of the most loved things about showit is the endless design options that are available with showit. You can see how the site looks while you are creating and editing it.  As a designer one of the features that I love is the ability to design your showit for mobile and desktop at the same time as it is in a side-by-side view. 

Other pointers that you might love:

  • It gives you the ability to have complete control over your site’s design
  • The wonderful customer support and their fast replays (learn more about it here)
  • If you have a blog, they will help you migrate the post to WordPress blog platform
  • You can choose from premade templates or you can create them on your own
  • Showit is powered by WordPress, which it’s one of the well-known platforms in the world
  • If you are still not sure, Showit offers a free trial so you can test it out for yourself 


what you might not love about Showit

There are so many wonderful features that Showit has but there are a few downsides.

Showit is not a great option if you are mainly e-commerce as online shopping is not built into Showit and the only way that you can have a “shop” on your site is to embed the Shopify buy now button (which requires a Shopify Lite plan) or if you have an Etsy Shop you can have a link to go straight to your Etsy shop. 

Other downside pointers:

  • Not recommended for an e-commerce site with more than 20 products
  • A little more pricey compared to other hosting plans
  • Like any other platforms, there is a learning curve to understand how Showit works

A recap….

Showit is a good option for so many different types of businesses that I can not think of that many businesses that wouldn’t benefit from having their site on Showit. The only type of business that I wouldn’t recommend Showit would be businesses that are solely e-commerce. 

If you been looking for a Showit designer to design a custom Showit website – I am here to help

To get in touch with me, you can get in touch with HERE or if you would like to check out my services page for more info  

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