Are you ready to hire a brand and website designer?

Many businesses start off going towards the DIY route of their brand and website. Even though that is fine when you just start and that you don’t have the budget at first to hire a designer to do the branding and your website.

When you start earning and that at some point you do have the budget, you will eventually want to hire a brand and website designer to redesign your website and update your branding so you can attract your ideal clients.

So, how do you know if you are ready to hire a designer? Well, you will first want to ask yourself these simple questions….

1 – Do you trust a designer to design your branding & website?

This is especially hard when you like to have all the control when it comes to the branding of your business or simply the revamp of your website. 

However, if you made the decision to invest in a designer to update your branding and website, you will need to trust your designer before the project start. Luckily for you, if the designer that you are thinking about hiring has a free consultation call, I will highly recommend that you do that first so that you can ask her any questions or concerns that you may have. Also, these consultation calls (sometimes called discovery calls) are the best way to know if you are the best fit for your project and business. 

2- Are you ready to use the elements, fonts and colors that your designer created for your business?

The whole point in hiring a designer is to help you create a cohesive brand and website that will help you archive your higher goals for your business. 

But, don’t make the mistake that happens from time to time is to go back to the old ways and use random elements, colours and fonts that do not match your brand or website and that your designer did not design for your brand. 

If you think that you might go back to your “old ways”. I will highly recommend that you ask yourself this question. 

If you think that you will not go back to your “old way” then you can go forward and work with your designer. 

3 – Are you ready and have the time to be involved in the design process?

This one depends on the designer process as most designers have their own process. However, the designer will generally let you know what their design process is during a discovery call or have it laid out on their website. 

But, from what I have learned during the whole time that I designed for others is that when it comes to designing your brand and website, it is a collaboration and that you will need to be able to commit and have the availability to be involved in the process (reply to emails, provide feedback, information..) Can you spare some time in your day during the time we are working together? 

4 – Are you able to be open and give your designer as much information as possible?

This goes back to my last point when it comes to being involved in the process. It is important to be open and tell your designer as much as you possibly can about your brand and business. 

By being open with your designer, she can understand your vision a lot better, and that she can also design something that can represent your brand and website, also it can fit with your target audience/customers. 

5 – Can you provide clear and detailed feedback?

While we are still on the topic of the design process. Are you able to properly communicate what you like, dislike, and what you would change in the concepts that were sent for feedback? I am not talking about  “I don’t like it” sort of feedback, what I am talking about is to clearly communicate what you would want to change in the concept in more detail.

6 – Do you have a vision for your brand and website? (aka do you know what you want for your business)? 

Again, this depends on the designer’s process. There are probably some designers who work more as a coach and help you out with the strategy and figuring out the non-visuals aspects of your brand (like; your brand’s goals, target audience, visuals, etc…) 

I am the type of designer that focuses more on the visuals part of your brand, so I help you to visualize all of the non-visuals. I’m asking my clients about their brand in the client’s homework once we start working together.  So it’s good to know all of the details prior. 

7 – Are you ready for the investment?

Brand and website design is a long-time investment for your business. Processional branding and website packages include a great number of elements, usually brand identity (main logo, alternative logo, submark logo, color palette, design elements) and brand collaterals (for social/print). 

The price usually depends on the designer however, this is normally a one-off investment that can transform your business. I don’t know about you but I like the one-off investment and have the peace of mind that it’s all set in place. 

8 – Do you know your style preference?

A strategic brand and website design are geared toward your target audience/client. But, at the same time (especially for small businesses) it’s essential that it feels like you and makes you proud. 

It is the same as wearing clothes – you can work with personal styles and have a good knowledge of what looks good on you but you have to feel good wearing clothes. 

So before you jump into working with a designer, you must first know your personal style preference. So having a clear knowledge of what you like and don’t like is the most important step before you start working with a designer. 

And if you are still sure about your style preferences, I would highly recommend that you go on google or Pinterest and start saving styles that spark you joy (just like Marie Kondo). So when you take a look at all the “styles” that spark joy in you, you will see what your style preferences look like. Plus, when you are ready to work with a designer, you will already have a fonder or Pinterest board that you can share with your designer.

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