How to move your website from Squarespace to Showit

Are you ready to move your Squarespace website to Showit? 

Since January 2020, I have been designing on Squarespace, and even though I still think that Squarespace is a fantastic website platform to start your small business on; I think and also seen that as your business grows, you would want to have more of a custom feel and look that is unique to your business and its values. 

So like I said earlier, if you are ready to switch to Showit, here are some tips that will help you make this transition go smoothly. Also, if you are not sure if you are there yet and need help figuring out if your business is ready to make the switch, you can always book a FREE discovery call with me and we can figure out together. 

The Step by step on how to switch from Squarespace to Showit

  1. Before switching your website over to Showit; it has to be fully designed on the Showit platform before starting the transfer over to Showit. 
  2. When you are ready to launch your new site, you have to locate where your domain is hosted on & your Squarespace login info. 
  3. Activate your Showit account and you can find their plans here so you can choose which plan will be best for you and your business. 
  4. Send your account information to Showit and they’ll migrate your Squarespace blog over (if you have blog posts already on there) 
  5. Once your website is live they will email you stating that your website is live and that it’s now on Showit’s Platform. From there you can cancel your Squarespace account 

It’s Seriously that easy to transfer it over to Showit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or you can simply book a free consultation call and we can discuss it over coffee (or tea). 

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