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Things you need on your Homepage

Website Design

Things you need on your homepage

When it comes to your Homepage, it is the first thing that visitors see. Just like a home, visitors will make their first impression from the exterior of your home (unless you like in a condo, then it’s the entryway).  Just like any home, a home must have good bones and structure that makes sense. […]

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How to set up yearly goals for your website

Business Tip, Website Design

When it comes to website new years goals; the first thing that you have to think of is in what outcome do you want your website to archive? Do you want your website to bring in more sales to your products on the shop page or do you want clients to buy your services packages or signup for your membership? whatever the outcome you want your website to have, you have to make sure that you set up your website to succeed in the outcomes you are asking for from your website.

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How to Create a Linktree Like with Showit

Showit, Tutorials, Website Design

How to Create your own Linktree alternative for your own Showit website.

Most people have heard of Linktree for the link they use on their Instagram account as Instagram only allows one link in the profile. While Linktree is useful for those that don’t have a website up just yet… it is not necessarily the best thing for those that have a website up and live.

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5 pages every service-based business website needs

Design Tips, Showit, Website Design

Are you a service-based business owner or a freelancer? If so than you probably have heard that you have to have a website where potential clients can get a hold of you and also with content that not only helps your ideal client get to know you through blog posts but also throughout your website.

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How to move your website from Squarespace to Showit

Design Tips, Showit, Website Design

Are you ready to move your Squarespace website to Showit?

Up to January 2020, I have been designing on Squarespace and even though I still think that Squarespace is a fantastic website platform to start your small business on; I think and also seen that as your business grows, you would want to have more of a custom feel and look that is uniquely to your business and its values.

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