What’s the difference between RGB VS CMYK

Have you ever were wondering what is RGB and CMKY. And what is the difference between the two of them? Today I will explain to you what it is, what’s the difference and how do you know which one to use for the type of project you are working on.

What is RBG and CMYK?

Both RGB and CMYK are colour modes that help with all of the design and visual elements. 

RGB is mean that its colours are RED, BLUE and GREEN which it will be used for on Screen designs whereas CMYK stands for CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, K(key)=BLACK (which comes from the press printing) wish it’s used for print and print designs.

What is the difference between both of them?

The main difference between the both of them is that RGB is an additive colour which means that if you put all the Red, Green and Blue to the max, it will give you a White Screen whereas CMYK is an subtractive colour mode; which mean that if you put Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black at 100% (equally) you will give you a Rich Black

Which one will you know to use for which project?

The ways that you will know which one to use is to know what type of design and what the design will be used for which it is very important to know that before you start any design work. 

Because from what I’ve explained earlier about CMYK and RGB and which colour mode if for which format, you would know that; For instance; If you are creating anything that is for online like social media, blog graphics or even an online only ad, then you will have to use RGB because a screen consists of the colours which are RED,BLUE and GREEN like I’ve mentioned. 

However if you are creating an ad that will go on billboards, magazines, poster and ect… then you will have to use the CMYK colour mode as CMYK are the colour inks that all printers have in them to create all of the colours in a single print design.

So Let’s recap what we learned

  • RGB and CMYK are both colour modes
  • RGB is use in anything that will be online and shown only on a screen
  • CMYK is used for Print Design (e.g; advertisement, magazine, poster, etc)