Brand Board vs Brand Guideline

I have been asked from time to time what is a brand board and is it the same thing as a brand guideline? My quick answer to that is no.

As a designer, I do see the benefit to having both in your brand but not all brands need both. To determine which one will be better suited for you and your business, you first have to know what they are and what information they can hold.

What is a Brand Board?

If you ever went on Pinterest a type in Brand Board you will see that a brand Board is a one-page document that holds your brand’s element such as your logo all the way to your brand’s colours.

How you might use a brand board is like a cheat sheet where you can reference it from time-time when you are creating your graphics for your blog or when you are creating/updating your website so it can look cohesive thought out your brand.

What is a Brand Guideline?

A brand Guideline is a document that is where it outlines your brand’s whole identity in full details, it is also where you can put your brand’s mission statement, values, as well as outlining about the graphics that you use as well as how to use your brand’s elements properly. so if you do bring in a designer on your team, that they know everything that they need to know so when they help design visuals, that it stays on brand.

Personally, I prefer this than the brand board for the simple reason is that it is more detailed and as a designer, it makes it easier to design elements and graphics that are on brand. When I do branding design for clients, this is one thing that I include in my branding packages.

You might also be wondering what is in a Brand Guideline? Well that will depend on how detailed it needs to be, however here are some common sections that most Brand Guideline has:

  • Welcome Message + Table of Content
  • About the Brand
  • Mission Statement & Values
  • Logo
  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Imagery & Graphics
  • Social Media
  • Stationary (the design)

Now like I said this is just what its common in most Brand Guideline and that depending on a brands needs, there might be more or less information in it.

I hope that this help in knowing what is the difference between a Brand Board and a Brand Guideline and also figure out which one will be best for your business.

If you ever need help in your branding, I do offer branding services but I have only a couple of limited spots open each month so if you do want help with your branding please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you out!