Why you need a website for your Creative Business

I have seen freelancers, Business and Creative simply use either word of mouth or even just Facebook to run their creative business or side hustle. However, it is not something I recommend when you want to make a living doing what you love. What I recommend is having your own website and I will tell you why it’s the best route to go with for your creative business.

1 | You Have More Controle On The Branding

When you own your own site, you can make sure that your branding is up front and center. Meaning, if for example; you were to run your business on Facebook, the main branding would be Facebooks Branding and its logo on the top left corner of their site plus the URL world be facebook’s URL.

So by having your own site not only would you have your logo, brand colours and fonts but you would also have your own business domain address where you can direct your ideal clients to your site.

2 | You Can Reach More People & Reach Your Ideal Client.

Your site can reach more people at any time of the day. If you have a blog post and its found on Pinterest, they can click on the Pinterest image to go straight to your site and potentially not only read the article that they found on Pinterest but also read another post that you have written.

If you are a service based business and for example, you are a wedding photographer and just wrote a blog post on your top tips on how to encourage your guest to put their phones away and just enjoy themselves. A bride to be would find that article and not only find that article but other articles that would be helpful for her on her special day and even check your work out; plus if you are in the location that she is getting married, she might even book you as her photographer for that special day.

3 | A Place to Showcase Your Work

So let’s take the example of the wedding photographer; as a wedding photographer, you can showcase your work on your website to showcase the past weddings that you have shoot and also showcase your unique style of photos that you do.

By showcasing your work, people that would be looking to hire can see your past work and if they like your style, the can heir you right away!

4 | It Builds Trust and Credibility

Most people when they are looking for a service they world normally search google to find that service and normally they want to check out your website so they can get to know your business and the services that you provide, plus if they like what they see, then they will hire you.

They would normally not heir someone right off facebook because they have to check out there site and services beforehand. Also, by having a website, it builds trust and credibility to your business and people would more than likely trust you for it.

My question to you is do you have a website up? and if no, then why haven’t you got one for your business? If you do have one, does your website properly reflect your business and what you do?