My Branding Design Process

As some of you have been wondering what my process is like at this moment in time when it comes to my branding design process. I thought it would be helpful for you to get a sneak peek of my process when you want to work with me. 

So if you are curious, here is my process! 

1 | The Discovery Call

This normally a call that happens when you fill out the inquiry form; while filling it out, they also book it from the form as well. The call is via Zoom and normally will last between 30-45 min. 

During the call, we get to know each other a bit more, I get to know your business at the same time I will also share with you my project timeline, processes as well as tell you about my packages in more details.  

2 | The Onboarding Process

If we are a good match and you are ready to get started with the project, then I will get started with the onboarding process.

Design agreement + Proposal

I would send you the Proposal and Design Agreement, where you would select what you are looking for and sign the Agreement. 

50% Deposit

Then you would pay the 50% non-refundable deposit so you are on my agenda so that we can start doing the work on the start date that we agreed upon in the discovery call. 

Client Design Questionnaire

Before we start on your project, you will have to submit your client homework (aka you client design questionnaire) at least 2-4 days before the start date that we have discussed in the discovery call!

Setup Client Portal in Dubsado

Right after you have paid your 50% deposit, I will set up your client portal in Dubsado where all of the important documents will live and that you can assess them when needed! 

This is also where I will be sending you any design revisions that you need to review and give your feedback on.

Setup Google Drive Folder

At the same time as setting up your client portal, I will also set up a folder where I will be sending a shared link so that at the end of the project, you can assess any branding elements that have been done so you can use it in your business. 

3 | Research + Moodboard Design

After I have received your client questionnaire and your secrete Pinterest board, I will do my research by researching your competitors as well as think about your ideal client. 

I will then take the research I have done, your questionnaire as well as your Pinterest board and come up with a moodboard as well as a brand strategy guide. From there you will review it and let me know if this is in the right direction that you were thinking of. 

When you have reviewed the moodboard and brand strategy guide, I will then make any changes that you have mentioned and go from there. 

4 | Concept Work

Next, I will start on doing the concept work which I first start by doing it off the computer and just sketching different concepts on a piece of paper and a pencil.

After, I will take what I came up, on paper into Illustrator where I will then take between 2-4 different concepts so I can show you what I have come up with and you can give me your top two design you like the most and why you like them. 

After you have given me your review, I will then take your top two and take the elements that you love the most from both of them to come up with one concept.

From there I will show you the one concept and have you reviewed it so I can make any changes that are needed. 

I will then take the logo concept and build the colour palette, typography (the fonts) and the pattern concepts. 

Showing the brand in context is an important part of my design process. I work on mockups so you can see your brand in action and how your clients would see it as well. That might include; business cards, stationery, web banners, packaging, etc… 

5 | Concept Perfecting

A brand style project usually includes 2 rounds of revisions, which gives us 2 opportunities to tweak and adjust the colour palette, typography and the logo concept and placement, ect.. 

This is very important as I want you to love your brand and that it speaks to you and is aligned with your brand’s values and mission. 

6 |  Finalizing the Files

I then go throw all the logos and save it in all of the file types that you would need for printing, website, social media, etc… 

Usually, a branding design will include the main logo, secondary logo and submark and icons/ patterns. All of the pieces in your brand will be saved individually so it’s easy for you to use it in all of your communications. 

And all of those pieces will be neatly organized and labelled clearly for you.  

7 | Marketing Pieces

All of my branding design projects will include a business card design where you can use.

Also, during our call that we set up before the start of the project, I will suggest other marketing materials that will help along with your brand’s experience. 

For example, if you are an online service-based business, I would suggest that we create social media templates you can use to promote your blog post, services, any promotions you might have, ect.. 

If you are a business that sells physical products, then I would suggest that we create thank you cards, packaging design, stickers that you can use when shipping your products to customers, etc…

8 | Brand Style Guide

Not only would you have all of your marketing pieces and you will also have a brand style guide where I will wrap up your brand in a neat a clear brand style guide where you will have all of the info of your brand in a neat a organize document that outlines your brand, how to use your new brand and how to use all the elements and visuals so it stays consistent with your brand. 

The key points that are normally in a style guide are:

  • Welcome Message + Table of Content

  • About the Brand

  • Mission Statement & Values

  • Logo, secondary logo and sub-mark usage

  • Colour Palette usage

  • Typography usage

  • Imagery & Graphics usage

  • Social Media

  • Stationary (the design)

9 | Wrap-up Meeting

We’ll finish things up with the final 50% and a final call where I go over with you on the style guide as well as all of the final files as well as any questions you have about your brand. 

After the last payment is in and the last brand call, I will send you the Google Drive link so you can assess and download them for you to have and use them in your business.

10 | Ongoing Client Support

When it comes to one-off projects like webinar slides, business cards, social media graphics etc… I usually offer it only to my brand design clients as we have worked together on their brand and it is very important for me to do these types of project for them as I am a big believer in a strong cohesive brand foundation first. 

As well as that it is much easier for me to offer these types of project to them and to stay on brand as I already know their brand very well as we work together on it. 

If you stuck till the end of it, I like to say thank you and if you are looking to work together on your brand, now you know how my branding process works and you can check out my service page!