Top 5 mistakes used in website design

Over the years I have seen a few mistakes done on their website and I would like to share with you what those mistakes are so that you don’t make them on your own site. If you did make these mistakes I will give you; how you can fix these mistakes. 

1 |  Dark fonts on dark background in the navigation 

The dark fonts on dark backgrounds within the navigation is a mistake that is done rarely but it does happen. The reason that you don’t want to make this mistake is that your website visitors would not be able to find what they are looking for, simply because they can’t read or see what the pages are in the navigation. 

The easy fix is either make the background of the navigation white/light colour with a black/darker font.

2 | Using a light or pastel color background with a white/light font

Just like the mistakes that were done in Mistake 1, Light font on a light or pastel background is going to be hard to read. I see this mistake done more for website copy and blog posts. 

A simple fix to this problem is to simply write your copy or blog post with a darker font link a black or a charcoal gray font (charcoal gray is not as harsh as black but still is easy to read what is written) 

3 | Using font size that is too small to read on screen

Similar to mistake 2, if the font is too hard to read where the reader has a hard time to make out what is even written on the page, chances are that the viewer will exit your site and not share it to their friend or family even if what you wrote, can help them with their problem. 

A little trick is to always have the font size be between 12px to 14px. Anything under 12px is too small that you can give them eyestrain and you don’t want that.  So if your body text fonts are under 12px (e.g. 10px or even smaller) make sure that you bump-up the font size to at least 12px

4 | Page header not mobile-friendly 

This is a website mistake that I saw just a handful of times but with how people are viewing websites these days on their mobile devices, you have to have your header, as well as your navigation, be designed to be mobile-friendly which these days, it is simpler than ever with a platform like Showit. 

You can either go in your Showit account and fix this in the mobile view or have your designer fix it for you so that your website will be mobile responsive.

5 |  Putting the link to your cover page in your navigation (the coming soon page) 

Putting your cover page (coming soon page) in your navigation is a common mistake that I have seen from someone who doesn’t know much about website design or has built a website for the very first time. 

But don’t worry about this mistake, all you have to do is login to the backend of your website and simply un-link your cover page from the header so it can be removed from your navigation. (designer tip: if you are using Showit for your website, simply un-link the page and remove the word from the header canvas) 

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