Which Showit Pricing Tier is Best for Your Website?

When it comes to Showit Pricing tier, I get often asked by clients, as well as blog readers which showit pricing plan is right for them and their business?!  

Showit is subscription-based, offering both a monthly plan and an annual discount plan option. Plus, if you take the yearly plan you can save $60 per year.

How Much Does Showit Cost?

Showit Pricing Tiers:

Tier 1: Showit Website ($24 per month or $228 per year)
Tier 2: Showit + Basic Blog ($29 per month or $288 per year)
Tier 3: Showit + Advanced Blog ($39 per month or $408 per year)

Here is the pricing of all three tiers for a Showit website and it is based on the business/website owners needs.

Dose Showit Offer a free trial?

Yes! Showit does offer a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. So you can start designing and experimenting with the showit platform. After the 14-day trial is over, you will have to choose a pricing tier to continue to access your designs. You can also explore the Showit demo mode without starting a trial. 

You can also get a free month using my referral link if you’re interested! Your free month is in addition to the 14-day free trial, meaning you won’t be charged until after 45 days.

Which Showit Pricing tier is best for me?

Now price isn’t the only consideration when choosing a Showit pricing tier. Generally, tier 1 is a good fit for those who don’t which to have a blog or that don’t have the time and are only serving local clients. Tier 2 is a good fit for those that are starting with blogging, tier 3 is for those who are very serious about their blog and SEO.

Showit Pricing Tier 1: Showit Website

$24/month billed monthly
$19/month billed annually 

What Showit Pricing Tier 1 Included 

Showit Website Builder

This is the platform that you will be using to create your website design. If you have ever used a program like Adobe Illustrator, you will find showit very similar. It’s very intuitive, unlike some other website builder that is very strict templates and blocks that limits you to design your site the way you always imagined. You can change colours, fonts and layouts with ease and with no frustration (unless you are in a creative block). While other builders required you to know some coding to have that freedom to customize your template, whereas Showit does not.

Secure certificate (HTTPS)

HTTPS has become the standard across the internet. What that means is that Showit will install a certificate on your website that confirms you are who you say you are, and encrypts data coming to and from your site. You may also hear this referred to as an “SSL” certificate, referring to the encryption itself. 

If you’ve ever tried to access a website and gotten the error message that “your connection is not secure,” it’s likely because the site did not have a secure certificate in your subscription. Even better, the showit team will install your secure certificate for you, just reach out to support and request it!

It discribes the diffrence between an website that have an HTTPS certificate vs one that dose not have one. | Showit Pricing Tier

Web hosting with 20 GB of media storage

Website hosting is where the content of your website is stored on a server. If you did not have website hosting, your domain (for example, emiliegracedesign.com) wouldn’t be connected to an actual website. It will be the same as if you dialled a phone number that has been disconnected. Your website will be hosted on the Showit servers. You will then need to have your domain configured to point to your Showit server. If you already have a domain, the showit team will help you transfer it. If you need a domain, you can purchase one from a website domain, like Google domain, Namecheap or any other one that you choose. The one that I used for years is Namecheap and I had no issues with them. Typically, a domain will cost you about $12-$15 per year and must be re-purchased yearly. Here is a great tutorial on choosing a domain

Storage refers to the amount of space you are allowed on Showits servers. Media Storage is referred to the image, video, and font files you uploaded in the showit media library. 20 GB is a lot of space and it will be plenty for the number of images and videos you will use on your site.

Regular design backup every 10 minutes, stored for 7 days

Showit designs are backed up every time a user clicks Publish. A snapshot is taken about every 10 minutes as changes are detected in the design. These snapshots are saved for 7 days. So if you deleted something by accident, you can simply reach out to the showit support team and ask them to help you restore it back onto your site. 

Limitations of Tier 1

The only Limitation in tier 1 is that it does not allow you to have a blog.

Is tier 1 best for you?

The Showit pricing tier 1 is perfect for someone who does not want a blog or simply does not have the time to maintain a blog every week because of this, tier 1 will be best for them. For photographers and Coaches, I would not typically recommend this tier. A blog is crucial for marketing and driving traffic to your website. So if you are serious about SEO, you definitely need a blog.

Showit Pricing Tier 2: Website Plus Basic Blog

$29/month billed monthly
$24/month billed annually 

What Showit Pricing Tier 2 Included 

In tire 2 includes everything that was in tier 1 (Showit Website Builder, HTTPS certificate, Web hosting with 20 GB of storage, and regular design backups every 10 minutes, stored for 7 days), plus these additional features and capabilities: 

Basic WordPress Blog

This pricing tier allows you to have a WordPress blog. This means that you will log in to the blog portion separately from your Showit builder to publish WordPress posts. You will be able to write your blog post, post images and embed YouTube and/or Vimeo videos as well as some WordPress plugins that are pre-approved by Showit. WordPress is a separate login from Showit, as shown below!

It is showing what the two logins look like as well as stating which one is for the backend of Showit and the other one is for the blog portion that is on WordPress. | Showit Pricing Tier

The complete list of the basic plugins from Showit is listed below and you can also find them on the Showit website. However, your website likely does not require the use of all of these plugins. My favourite plugin is Yoast for SEO. 

Simple Blog Migration

If you are moving to showit and you have a blog, the showit team can migrate your blog for you as it is included in this tier. The Showit team will migrate up to 50 blog posts, images and comments to your new WordPress account. Currently, the only blog service that Showit supports is; Squarespace, WordPress.org and WordPress.com. There is a 4-day turnaround time for migration. 

Showit Theme

While you will log into WordPress to write and publish a blog post, the layout of your blog page will be created in Showit. You can create different templates for the main blog post list, single post page, category, and search page. If you are purchasing a Showit template, it will come with the blog page design for you to use, or you can use your creativity to design a layout of your own! On the live website, Showit will pull in your WordPress blog post so that they can populate in your design.

(Image of the pulled blog post from WordPress to Showit)

20 GB of blog storage and up to 10k blog visits per month

Blog storage referred to the images and videos in your Showit library. This is different from the 20BG of space on the Showit Platform. 20 GB is plenty for most businesses. 

Blog visits per month refer to how much traffic there is going to your blog. You can easily track your website and blog traffic using Google Analytics. Here is a tutorial on how to set up your Google Analytics, if you haven’t yet. 

One blog user account

You will be able to add one user to your blog account. If you have a team of other employees or assistants who will need to access your blog, you will need the advanced subscription to add additional users. If you are a solo operation or don’t need anyone else to access your blog, one user is fine

Limitations of tier 2

If you do need a blog for your site Pricing tier 2 does have some limitations

  • Blog media files are limited to 4MB per file. If you need to upload a larger file you will not be able to upload it on tier 2
  • You are not able to add custom embed code to your blog on tier 2. This is for security reasons because of the way Showit servers are set up.
  • You can only migrate 50 posts. If your current blog has more than 50 blog posts you will need the advanced blog tier
  • If you are migrating your blog from a platform Showit doesn’t support, like Wix, you will need to use a third-party plugin, which can only do on the advanced blog tier.

Is tier 2 best for you?

Tier 2 is a perfect choice for most photographers and Coaches, especially those in their first 1-3 years of business. Tier 2 is the most popular tier, and for a good reason. The showit designer allows you to create a stunning website, while the blog allows you to optimize for SEO and share your work. Here are some reasons you might want to purchase a Tier 2 subscription:

  • You want to start a new blog or migrate your blog from another platform
  • Your Blog has less than 10k visitors per month
  • The basic WordPress plugins are sufficient for your needs
  • You don’t need to upload very large files to your blog
  • You do not have additional team members who need to access your blog

Showit Pricing Tier 3: Website Plus Advance Blog

$34/ month billed monthly
$39/ month billed annually 

What Showit Pricing Tier 3 Includes

Tier 3 includes everything in tiers 1 and 2, plus additional features and capabilities. 

Advance WordPress Blog

In addition to supporting text, images, and video embeds (like the basic blog pricing tier), an advanced WordPress blog also allows you to add custom embed code and custom plugins. 

Advanced Blog Migration 

In addition to the basics of blog migration, an advanced blog migration includes a full transfer from a self-hosted WordPress Blog (wordpress.org) of all blog posts, images and comments, custom plugins and WordPress settings to Showit’s servers. An advance migration is also for users with more than 50 posts to be migrated.

Custom WordPress Plugins

It is possible to add custom plugins to an advanced WordPress blog because tier 3 is hosted on a separate server. Showit keeps an updated list of such plugins that have been tested and work well with showit. There are, however, some plugins that are incompatible with Showit and WPEngine websites. An example of plugins you may want to use on an advanced blog is WooCommerce for an eCommerce site. Showit does not provide direct support to any third-party plugins.

20 GB of blog storage and up to 25k blog visits per month

The advanced blog tier allows the same amount of storage as the basic tier, but it does allow for more blog visitors. For users that have between 10k to 25k visitors per month, tier 3 is a perfect choice.

FTP/Database access

FTP and database access are available on request for tier 3 users, but they are not typically recommended. FTP stands for “file transfer protocol”, which enables you to work directly with files that make up your site. This is too advanced for most users, which is why it is not recommended but very tech-savvy users find it useful. 

Unlimited WordPress Users

Multiple People can have logins to your WordPress blog. You’re able to assign user roles like administrator, editor, or author

Limitation of tier 3

The only limitations on tier 3 are blog visits per month and storage space. These are highly unique cases and it’s unlikely that the typical user will be constrained by these limitations. However, Showit does have special pricing for users who need more storage or visitors. These plans can be viewed on the Showit Pricing Page and require users to speak with the Showit team before purchase.

Is Tier 3 Right for you?

Tier 3 is the perfect choice for users who have a-little experience managing their website content and visitors. Here are some reasons you might want to purchase a Tire 3 subscription.

  • You have over 50 blog posts to migrate
  • Your blog has more than 10k visitors per month
  • More than one WordPress user will need to access your blog
  • You need specific plugins that aren’t available on tier 2 (Yoast Premium is a common one, for example)
  • You want to be able to add custom code to your blog

Do you still have questions about which showit tier is best for you? Contact me and I’d love to help!

And don’t forget, you can start designing your Showit website with a FREE month in addition to your 14-day free trial! You can check that out here!

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it says on the image "Which Sowit Pricing Tier is right for your website"
it says on the image "Which Sowit Pricing Tier is right for your website"
it says on the image "Which Sowit Pricing Tier is right for your website"