How Showit and WordPress Work Together and Benefit Your Website

Ever since I discovered Showit back in 2019, and moved over from Squarespace for my website and designing my client’s website on it. 

I find that this platform is a wonderful platform to create your website on and the best part is that it is not only for photographers, it is also good for any business that is running a service-based business such as photographers, makeup artists, designers, business and life coaches and so much more. 

WordPress is a great content management system that works well with Showit and with the two platforms you have a powerhouse team for your website. And Showit does have two subscriptions that include WordPress blogs that you can choose from.


On Showit, when you choose a subscription tire and you choose one that includes a WordPress blog, Showit will set it up for you. If you already have a blog for your website, Showit will migrate your blog over for you so you won’t lose them (make sure that you chose tire 3 “advanced blog subscription) if you are on WordPress or Squarespace. (if you want to know how easy it is to move your Squarespace website, here you can see how easy it is) 

Like I mentioned earlier, Showit works great with WordPress, which it’s why I see it as the powerhouse team that helps small business owners when it comes to their website, plus if you need help or have any questions, their customer service is one of the best! And the beauty about this powerhouse is that you don’t need a separate or plus site/subdomain for your blog. You will be able to keep your blog on your website which helps keep your SEO and all your site traffic in one single place!

However, you’ll have two separate accounts, your Showit account and your WordPress account. But they will have the same login. This means that your username and passwords will be the same, however, you will work on two different platforms to make your website possible.  


As for the design portion of your website, you will design the website and blog layout in showit. But when it comes to writing your blog post, you will have to write in on the WordPress platform 

However, the only time you will need to design in WordPress is if you need to use advanced plugins but that normally is used for people that need to have membership up. Which most business owners will not use if they don’t have a membership or plan to have one. The good news is that you don’t need to use code to have a beautiful and functional website that fits with your business branding and feel.

Keeping the design in one place will help with the user experience when they visit your website and if you keep the same feel and look on your social media as well, your audience will start getting to know your business and it will help you with that “like, know and trust factor”. 

With Showit, it has a lot of unique features that help with building your website with features like click-through information, quizzes, gallery and so much more that it will help not only tell you and your business story but also have that little touch of personality that help you stand out from the crowd. 

Once it is time to design your WordPress blog, you can have the blog layout that you always wanted and you can easily design it right in Showit.


You will maintain the blog section of your website on the WordPress platform where you will write your blog post. 

From there, your blog post, comments, SEO can be managed on the WordPress platform. The best part is that writing your blog post on the WordPress platform is easy to write on there. As well as you can easily schedule blog posts that you have written for your business.



Showit support team is always there for you and is ready to answer any questions you may have about your website or your WordPress blog. If you are experiencing any website obstacles, showit customer support is right there to help you.


WordPress has really good basic plugins that can be a big help when you are creating blog posts. One of my favourite plugins for SEO for your blog and business is Yoast SEO. The best part is that it is free to use and easy.

With Yoast SEO, you can optimize every blog post that you write and have a better chance of getting seen and found on Google. And, we all know that if you are found on Google the better it is for potential customers to find you and your business.

On top of all of that, the best part is that there is no code needed to run your blog or website.

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