How to Create a Linktree Like with Showit

Most people have heard of Linktree for the link they use on their Instagram account. Instagram only allows one link in the profile. While Linktree is useful for those that don’t have a website up just yet. It’s not necessarily the best thing for those that have a website up and live. 

Learn how you can create your very own branded Linktree Alternative for your Showit website.

The reason is that; even tho it’s a good option for some when it comes to your website and its SEO. It can hurt your website’s SEO; because most of the web traffic will be given to Linktree and not to your own website. Also, not only does it can hurt your SEO; but it will also have potential clients click out of the link. Just simply because there is a disconnect with the branding. 

If you ever wonder how you can create your very own Linktree Alternative. Then, You are in the right place! Below I have a YouTube video on to create your own Linktree Like for your website with your own branding. 

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me. If you are looking for your website to be designed, you can go over here and fill out the contact form. 

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