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How to Create a Linktree Like with Showit

Showit, Tutorials, Website Design

How to Create your own Linktree alternative for your own Showit website.

Most people have heard of Linktree for the link they use on their Instagram account as Instagram only allows one link in the profile. While Linktree is useful for those that don’t have a website up just yet… it is not necessarily the best thing for those that have a website up and live.

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How Showit and WordPress Work Together and Benefit Your Website


Ever since I discovered Showit back in 2019, and moved over from Squarespace for my website and designing my client’s website on it.

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How to move your website from Squarespace to Showit

Design Tips, Showit, Website Design

Are you ready to move your Squarespace website to Showit?

Up to January 2020, I have been designing on Squarespace and even though I still think that Squarespace is a fantastic website platform to start your small business on; I think and also seen that as your business grows, you would want to have more of a custom feel and look that is uniquely to your business and its values.

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Are you ready to hire a brand and website designer?

Branding, Design Tips, Showit, Website Design

Are you ready to hire a brand and website designer. Many businesses start off going towards the DIY route of their brand and website. Even though that is fine when you just start and that you don’t have the budget at first to hire a designer to do the branding and your website.

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How to tell if Showit is Right for Your Business

Business Tip, Showit

You might have seen more and more showit websites/templates on Pinterest or you simply hear of Showit but still not sure what it is. 

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