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Are you ready to hire a brand and website designer?

Branding, Design Tips, Showit, Website Design

Are you ready to hire a brand and website designer. Many businesses start off going towards the DIY route of their brand and website. Even though that is fine when you just start and that you don’t have the budget at first to hire a designer to do the branding and your website.

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How to tell if Showit is Right for Your Business

Business Tip, Showit

You might have seen more and more showit websites/templates on Pinterest or you simply hear of Showit but still not sure what it is. 

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5 things I need from you before I can design your Showit Website


When it comes to designing a website, there are a lot of moving parts. It’s also not the designer who does what they want or the client telling the designer exactly what it should look like and which elements to put in it. 

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Why I switched my website to Showit

Showit, Website Design

In January I made the decision to switch my website from Squarespace to Showit. Now, this was not an easy decision to make but here are some of the reasons why I made the switch. Creative flexibility I find that designing in Showit to be very similar to designing in one of the Adobe products […]

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