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Is your website pulling its weight? If you have been wondering why you haven’t had any new leads coming in or sales. Well, it often comes down to the design and function of your website and one of these signs might be the reason. 1 – A Out Dated Look If your website look and […]

Website Design

8 Signs You Need A New Website Design

Blog post thumbnail with words saying "8 signs you need a new website design"

Launching your new website for your business is an exciting time, but it’s important to build anticipation and excitement among your audience for the reveal of the new website. 

Landing Page vs. Classic Coming Soon Page: Which is Right for Your Business?

Website Design

When it comes to Showit Pricing tier, I get often asked by clients, as well as blog readers which showit pricing plan is right for them and their business?!   Showit is subscription-based, offering both a monthly plan and an annual discount plan option. Plus, if you take the yearly plan you can save $60 per […]


Which Showit Pricing Tier is Best for Your Website?

Most people have heard of Linktree for the link they use on their Instagram account as Instagram only allows one link in the profile. While Linktree is useful for those that don’t have a website up just yet… it is not necessarily the best thing for those that have a website up and live.

How to Create a Linktree Like with Showit

How to Create your own Linktree alternative for your own Showit website.


Ever since I discovered Showit back in 2019, and moved over from Squarespace for my website and designing my client’s website on it.


How Showit and WordPress Work Together and Benefit Your Website

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